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Show 211 – JJTM Raw From The Road


The boys headed to Austin this weekend and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to roll pink (record) while driving down I-35. This special episode is the outcome of that.

The Hourly Radio – History Will Never Hold Me


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut full length History Will Never Hold Me, and to get you ready for the upcoming reunion shows, The Hourly Radio is giving away a copy of the album exclusively to Jerry Jonestown Massacre listeners. Follow the link below for a zip file containing the album History Will Never Hold Me. And be sure to be at one of the following shows, if not all of them!

October 14 at 3Links in Dallas with Clifffs, Shadows of Jets, and Blessed Isles

October 15 at Lola’s in Fort Worth with Burning Hotels, Shadows of Jets, and Blessed Isles

October 28 at Piano’s in New York City with Blessed Isles


Show 145 – Do For It Does 35 Denton

DSC_2648Surprise, you get an extra episode this week! Susie, Matt, and Dustin took a trip up to Denton to see the 2016 Do For It Showcase for 35 Denton at the Abbey Underground. The results were captured on an SD Card and then converted for your own audio enjoyment. Feast your ears on interviews and songs from Shaolin Death Squad, Convoy and the Cattlemen, Mountain of Smoke, The Raven Charter, and In Memory of Man. Please remember this is a live show from a venue so the audio isn’t going to be perfect, but at least you get to enjoy a little of what the boys got to be a part of!

A big thanks to James and the entire Do For It team/family. We had a fantastic time, and we hope to be a part of it again in the future!


Show 110 – KMFDM Doin’ It Again


Sunday Matt and I got to sit down with one of the got to sit down with The Kapt’n, Sasha of KMFDM as they rolled through Dallas and played Gas Monkey Live. If the big four of thrash/metal are Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth then the big four of industrial/electronic music have to be Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and KMFDM. I have been a huge fan of KMFDM since my angst fueled years in junior high, and I’ve been fortunate enough to hangout with the band the last few times they have rolled through North Texas. But on Sunday we spent 10 hours at the venue, hanging with the band and road crew, watching the inner works of a complex live show. The episode is a little chaotic because shortly after we started the interview, the tour manager came by and needed the guys for soundcheck. So we did a little mini show with Matt ‘Robotuner’ Thomas and as soon as soundcheck was complete, Sasha joined us again to finish it out. The second half is an absolutely fascinating insight to the world of KMFDM, the bands history, and life on the road with family. I really hope you guys enjoy it! -Dustin


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#HumpGames Finals – We Need Your Vote!


Every year our friends over at the Ned Files have an annual bracket game that they like to call the Hump Games. It consists of both male and female brackets to see who that years most hump-able person is. This year the JJTM boys were invited to play and Dustin’s pick of Lucy Collett aka Lucy Vixen has made it to the finals. But he’s up against some stiff competition and needs the help of you guys to put him over the top and crown Miss Lucy Vixen as the Queen of the Hump Games!

So here’s what you do, pick which one you like the most between A or B from the image above, and either comment your vote here, or use the handy dandy poll that we have included below. Voting ends at midnight on April 15th so get after it! And remember, only one vote per IP!

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So Who Should Win The Annual #HumpGames?

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    Atypical DFW Podcast – EP 85 – Bud vs Craft Beer

    In case you didn’t feel like showing up (Ministry reference anyone?) on Wednesday night during their Mixlr feed, Dustin stopped by and hung out with the ADFW guys and gal and had some fun. Check out and enjoy the episode here, and be sure to check out Atypical DFW Podcast every Wednesday night live on mixlr or on iTunes!

    “Tonight is the best! We have Dustin Schneider from Jerry Jonestown Massacre and it was epic. We talk beer and really get into the Budwieser commercial. We ask reddit and the music debate rages on. The new Daredevil looks sweet, Magic Mike XXL is a thing, and the slap disturbs us. Next week we do all things 50 shades so stick with us until next week!”