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Show 223 – The Ned Files Part 2

DSC_9497You were warned almost a week ahead of time, here is the conclusion of the EPIC meet up with the Ned Files gang. We’ve been drinking, been in the sun, and did I mention that we had been drinking? Things start to get a little whacky as we get towards the end of the show, but doesn’t that seem to be the norm? Thank you to Becky, Danny, and Eric for meeting up and making this all happen. It was a great time finally meeting you guys, and spending an evening hanging out! I hope we get together again soon!

Music this show: Fever Dream – Me Sexual and Taco

Show 222 – The Ned Files Part 1


IMG_9911Like when Scooby and the gang teamed up with the Harlem Globe Trotters, this has been a show in the making for years. Or imagine having a pen pal for years and finally traveling across the country to see them, and not only spend an afternoon and evening with them, but also see them perform in a band, at a venue, in a place you have never been! Two powerful forces collide in a Mexican restaurant in Garden Grove, California, The Ned Files and JJTM. Cherub, Becky, and Number 2 are reunited to sit down with Dustin as he took a little vacation to sunny So Cal. It was so much fun, and there was so much gold, that two shows were recorded. This first episode covers a lot; from Eric’s (Cherub) bands, Number 2’s movie career, Becky’s love for Morrissey, observations about So Cal, Warped Tour, Battle of the Bands, and of course drinking. So sit back and plug your earholes with a little bit of history and listen as Dustin was as giddy as a school girl sitting at the table with a reunited Ned Files. Closing out the episode is the track Awake by Eric’s band, The Sovereign Artist. Seriously go check them out!