Show 244 – iNcelta and 180 Sh**holes

Cody Cannefax, the main man behind iNcelta, made his first pilgrimage to the Temple of Eye. In a hard hitting interview full of various forms of the term “sh**hole” and equipped with his manifesto, Cody led the boys through the world he created for the track Lasserie and might have tried to convert them to his cult. Or at least a cult might have been seeded. Things got a little odd and tingly as the evening went on, even Ulrich shows up in a Metallica hoodie. Of course the boys take full advantage of “shithole gate” and abuse all the new found power that CNN and MSNBC have given to them. Theres also talk of Aziz Ansari, the Hawaii false warning, Dustin is pissed, MLK day gets the shaft, and the there is a new bit called What’s in Matt’s Case Logic Case.

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