Show 233 – Betray the Little Daylight Industries

As we gear up for a the huge activities going down this weekend (Do For It Records Halloween Shows) Brandon and Michael find a little time in between playing with 37 bands to come and hang out with the boys in the Temple. It’s been a few moon cycles since they’ve stopped by, but on Nov 4th, Betray the Dreamer will be releasing their new ep “Shoreline” at Wit’s End with Daylight Industries and Slybot. Then on Nov 17th, Daylight Industries will release their new album on vinyl at The Dirty 30 with Huffer, Goodwin, and Those Damn Eyes. These boys have been busy and are trying to take your money before the Holiday season kicks in! If you are confused there will be links below.

The boys run the gambit this week discussing even more creepy shit about Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Smith steps up to the plate, Hollywood Babylon talks about Cindy Scull, Benson died, #metoo spotlight, and Mike Patton does a score.

Don’t forget, this weekend is the Do For It Records Halloween Show in both Dallas  and Denton. Be there or be a square dumb ass.

The Betray the Dreamer release party will be here!

The Daylight Industries release party will be here!


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