JJTM Show 50 – Cold Calling and An Announcement

For those that aren’t a fan of Seth, your going to love this show, unless you also aren’t a fan of Rus from Waking Alice. Seth had to take a day off due to receiving a a Red Card during last weeks show, so Rus took his place and fit in great…almost too well… We made our announcement about our 1 year anniversary show/party that will be the JJTM 80’s Theme High School Dance. So mark your calendars for Sept 27th at Shipping and Receiving in Fort Worth and more details will be released over the next few weeks!

Plus we cold called random friends of the show to congratulate them about our first 50 shows. We also threw around some news and of course hit up all your emails!

A big shout out to the other shows that are a part of the Speakeasy Syndicate: Whiskeyboy Radio, The Ned Files, Pod About Nothing, and Funkytown Podcast

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Beer: Green Flash Palate Wrecker  Spatan Oktoberfest

Intro and Outro: Baroness – Green Theme and Waking Alice – Treason



Bears Love Cupcakes *

Worlds Youngest Alcoholic *

Cosmetic Toe Surgery?

The Edge Turns 25 *

Nigerian Popstar Will Give Up Her Virginity For The Girls*

Willow and Jaden Have Gone Insane

The Hangover Nurses*

Texas Cheerleader is a Badass Hunter*

Sex Toy Teddy Bear

Woman Accidentally Shot At Gun Show*

LaFerrari Boo Boo

Music News:

Metallica vs Kiss on Farewells

The Great Lord Vedder and His Wild Ways*

Not a New Tool Riff*

Death Metal Performance Art*


New Albums


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